Sage, a yellow labrador, was taken to the shelter at age 14 because he was no longer wanted as an outside dog. When picked up from the shelter, he was anxious and sick to his stomach. After some tender loving care and some tweaking to his diet, Sage is loving his new life.

For a dog originally named Rage, he sure didn’t fit his name. Sage is a big ol’ pile of love and one of the snuggliest dogs ever. The first day home, he crawled up on the couch next to one of the boys, snuggled in and fell asleep. He since has found his favorite sleeping spots – on the couch next to the fire, in the bed with the kids or under Mom’s desk while she works. As long as he is physically snuggling with someone, Sage is one happy dog.

Like a true lab, Sage can fetch and play in the water for hours, then off for more snuggles and sleep – the kids love their new teddy bear of a dog (although bigger beds may be needed soon!). We hope we can keep this big guy healthy for some time ahead, he surely is happy now!

Update: Sage suddenly fell victim to a gastric torsion, this very old man was sent on his way with a lot of love. He’d spent his time with them just drinking up the physical closeness and attention, comfort and love – he will be missed.