Sallie is a yellow lab/golden retriever mix, a blend which so often produces beautiful dogs like her. She lived most of her life in the city and found meeting strange dogs on leash very challenging. Because she was so difficult for them to walk, her people simply stopped doing it. When they needed to move into senior housing Sallie had to find another home; they thought that she wouldn’t do well with other dogs which made it much more difficult. In her fairly rural ODH home, however, Sallie is a social butterfly! She enjoys time at a small local dog park, sometimes getting fed up with a crowd of puppies running amok but otherwise having a good time, and lives happily with another ODH dog. Who knew?

Sallie showed signs of kidney disease in the past and now, at 15, that is beginning to progress and she’s dealing with “old age stiffness” too.  We will treat her for both and hope she has many more months of comfortable happy retirement ahead of her. She’s still a beautiful old lady.