Sam is a splendid blend of black lab and German shepherd! This very, very nice boy’s owner passed away recently. Family has been caring for Sam but regrettably, no one can take him into their homes. Sam needs an adoptive home very soon.

Sam’s exact age is unknown. He did see a vet in March of 2022 and through records, extended family found out he is estimated to be 9 years old. Sam weighs about 80 pounds. He has lived with other dogs peacefully, except when a dog tries to sneak in and eat his food! This is a very common reaction for a dog-who wants their food eaten by someone else? It’s always best to feed dogs away from each other.  It is unknown if Sam has ever lived with cats. While no one knows if he has ever lived with children, one would hope because he is such a good boy and so loving, he would be fine with older kids who are gentle and kind.

Sam enjoys time in the yard. No one is sure when Sam last got out to go for a walk. We’d bet he would enjoy a home where he can get out and explore a new area. Family tells us he is good on leash. Given his size one should be able to manage his strength if he becomes excited for his walk. Wouldn’t it be great to be the one to give Sam the walks he’s been missing out on?! Sam is reportedly well house trained. Sam does bark so he needs a home where a barking dog won’t cause an issue.

While one doesn’t normally think of a big dog like this as being a “cuddle bug” but this is how he is described! Sam was a cherished companion dog to his former owner. someone could be lucky to be the next recipient of his devotion. Or maybe his next chapter will be that he joins a family where he will be appreciated and loved? He is ready for his new home!

Sam is located in Bremerton, WA. For contact information email:

This is a courtesy post. Sam is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.