“Well hello! My name is Sampson. My people say I’m a special boy. They call me a lab mix. People tell me how handsome I am.  I’m about 12 years old. At 65 pounds, I’m a good size; I’m not huge but I’m not tiny either.

“Once upon a time I was adopted as a puppy by a man who loved me deeply. We were best friends. One day he collapsed. I found a way out of our house and ran to neighbors who followed me back and called the people who could help my man. Sadly this was the beginning of the end. My man had cancer and he died only 5 weeks later.

“After my man passed away, I went to live with his family. I was glad I didn’t end up like so many old dogs after their person died; taken to a shelter by family. They love me and I them but I don’t love their young kids. I will admit, I bit one of the kids when they got too close to my food. I know I’d be happier in a home without kids around. This happens with dogs sometimes. We see children as threats and we can’t communicate with each other so it just doesn’t work . I will NOT bite adults. I need an adult only home.  When I’m with adults I’m a laid back, friendly fellow.

“Currently I get to go to work with one of my humans but I’ve been fine to stay alone at home too. I can manage quite a while without a potty break for now. I’ve not lived with other dogs in a long time so when I meet them, I can get a little anxious. If a dog isn’t exposed to other dogs on a regular basis, we can get a little excited when we see one of our own! Too many dogs at once can be overwhelming. I definitely cannot live with a cat.

“I love walks and hikes. Four times a week a dog walker comes and takes me for a 30 minute walk. Maybe I can find a home with someone who has time to walk me every day? I am strong though and I will pull while I’m on leash. I know tricks and follow certain commands.

“I’m hoping to find a home where I can remain for the rest of my days. I am a devoted boy who will be happy to make someone their forever friend.”

Sampson is located in Seattle, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.