“Hello, my name is Sara. My story isn’t a new one for dogs like myself; dogs whose people have passed away and are left to family. While family may say they’ll keep an old dog after their loved ones pass, many times their lifestyle is unlike what an older dog is used to and it doesn’t work out. Please think about that when making plans for your furbabies. I am grateful that I wasn’t just dumped at a shelter, I hear that happens a lot.

“My people bought me from a man in a parking lot when I was just a baby. I’m about 9-10 years old now. People call me a Yorkshire Terrier mix but I think I must have some Lhasa Apso in me. Whatever I am, people tell me I’m cute. I have an underbite which makes me look like I always have a question to ask. I weigh 18 pounds.

“Before my people passed away, my life was great. My people were almost always around. I especially loved my lady, you could say I was protective of her. I was never socialized with other people or animals. I never lived with other dogs, cats or kids and no one has ever seen me interact with them so I can’t tell you how I’d react to them. I think I’d do best in an adult only home where I get to be the center of attention. If I can find another home like that, I’d do my best to make my new people smile.

“At this time I spend a lot of time in the bathroom. This is where my people used to put me when they left the house. I’m staying in my old home until it sells. While I don’t mind it, I do get lonely and bored, I’m sure you can understand that.   I’d like a home where I didn’t have to be in the bathroom for so many hours. I need to be reminded to go out to potty when I’m not in the bathroom. A routine and schedule of every few hours being taken outside would be beneficial. I eat a special food that helps my belly and skin and I like to eat cooked carrots.

“I have some arthritis, so I take some daily supplements to help with that. A home with stairs would be difficult for me. I am behaved when on leash but I don’t need too much exercise. I’m very content to play with my toys-especially my favorite Tigger toy! Sometimes I roll around and make funny noises, people laugh when I do that.

“I can be barky sometimes; I’ll admit it. I bark at strangers until I meet them. I also bark at dogs on T.V. and that annoying lady named Flo on the Progressive Insurance Commercials. I just get excited sometimes!

“I am hoping that someone will want me soon. Surely there’s someone else who would love me like my people used to? I know I’m older now but I still have a lot of love and life in me. I will make someone a great companion, I really will!”

Sara is currently in Oak Harbor, WA., in need of an adoptive home very soon.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge perspective adopters to do their own evaluation.