Meet Sasha, a 70 pound chocolate lab mix who is estimated to be between 11-12 years old. Sasha was taken in by a kind veterinarian who saw Sasha wasn’t receiving the love and care she deserved. This vet has come up with a way to help Sasha’s anxiety and now would like to find a dog savvy adopter for Sasha, one that will continue what she has started.

While Sasha currently lives with other dogs, she can be pushy with the dogs and it is not appreciated! One could talk more to Sasha’s caregiver about her behavior with other dogs. She does seem to enjoy the company of  dogs but has never lived with them before now so she doesn’t have good “doggy manners”. Sasha likes to chase cats so a home without cats would be best. Sasha is said to be very good with respectful children over the age of 6.

Sasha has become crate trained, she really does do best in a crate when her caretaker is away from home. Some dogs view a crate as a “safe place”. Sasha takes Metacam for arthritis as well as medication for her anxiety. Her caretaker has come up with a combination that helps Sasha; she’d be more than happy to share this with potential adopters as she wants Sasha’s placement to be successful and happy.

This nice girl would do best in a home where her excitable barking (when her person comes home or the door bell rings) would not be an issue with neighbors. Sasha can be left home for quite a few hours as long as she is in her crate. She can manage stairs at this time. Sasha LOVES walks. She can pull but a Gentle Leader harness helps. She’s an energetic senior girl who deserves a chance in a home with someone who will appreciate and love her, show her the patience and care she never knew until recently. We are told Sasha is a very loving dog who really enjoys spending time with her person.

Sasha  is courtesy posted for his caregiver located in Vancouver WA. For contact information please email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

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