Little Sasha, a petite Shih Tzu, was brought to a big shelter within hours of her owner’s passing (by a family who wrote great praise for her on the paperwork). Only 8 years old, she showed evidence of some serious physical issues. She’d chewed all the hair off her tail and her feet, and her eyes had dripped so badly on her face that the scabs took weeks to come off. The worst problem, however, was neurologic. Damage to her back is pretty clear and will progress at some point, no doubt, to sudden paralysis. With medication, however, Sasha gets around amazingly well and can jump up into the car and onto the furniture. Her gait is a bit strange but she can run really fast! She loves to be outside, likes to sit on your lap, enjoys her dog and kitty friends, and is fascinated by the chickens in her Final Refuge home. Her skin has cleared up really well and she’s a perky little girl now. We have great hopes for a long happy time before the damage in her spine progresses.

Update:  Little Sasha graced her ODH family’s life for four years, which is a remarkable testament to her incredible determination and toughness and to the effort, caring, love and attention from her family and veterinarian. This little dog had far too many challenges but she had a wonderful life and an adoring public. Her memory puts many smiles on many faces.

Sasha shih tzu in cart 1014-WR030116