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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Dear Satchel, a Labrador mix, was found as a stray and ended up in a shelter. She had been lost long enough that most of her skin had the appearance of scar tissue from all the damage done while on her own.  After spending two months waiting to be adopted and finding no takers, the shelter felt that she was unadoptable and contacted Old Dog Haven for help. Poor Satchel was brought out to us, and she was just terrified: Shaking in fear the entire time, she huddled in a corner and would not give eye contact. We sat on the floor and cooed at her. Waiting – for we knew despite the work still needed, she was ours.

It’s been a tough journey. ‘Sweetie’ as we call her because she is inherently so, continued tearing at her skin enough to cause wounds on top of wounds, despite the good work started at the shelter. Now that she’s in our ODH Final Refuge home, she’s seen a skin specialist and been given antibiotics and allergy medications along with frequent special baths – oh, did we mention Sweetie is afraid of water? Our dear girl has been able to finally settle and grow hair where there wasn’t any. All because of Old Dog Haven’s belief that old dogs need a chance.

Sweetie continues to build on hope and trust. Slowly, she is integrating into our large, furry brood (funny girl, she loves our old blind teacup poodle winding his way underneath her long legs). With the help of my dog-savvy teenage grandson, she’s overcoming her deep fear of young men. And she’s as crazy about us as we are about her.  While Sweetie may never be able to let go of her terrible fears, and she might never be completely trusting – she has a scar across her shoulders that looks like some leash had been left to embed itself into her skin. But for us, to see her wiggling like her front and back are going to fly apart when she sees us, it’s all worthwhile.

For those who contribute to Old Dog Haven, you never know who you are going to help – perhaps a sad looking, fearful stray like ours. Thank you is not enough for what you do.

Update:  Satchel (she’s still Sweetie to us) has been thriving under the care of ODH. Her hair is almost all the way in. A beautiful honey-colored brindle. She still has the scar across her shoulder but no one looking would be able to tell. It shows me how far this girl has come. It took a year of work but she’s blossomed into a very trusting and happy baby. She loves being in her goofy little pack of four. She eagerly awaits her fur buddy sister to alert us that strangers might be crawling over the fence, dashing out like a house afire to see if they can catch one (alas not yet). Sweetie still requires care for her skin issues but the flares have diminished thanks to medications, prescription shampoo, and continuing monitoring by our allergy specialist. All provided by donors to ODH.  She also suffered from a CCL (a tear of the ligament) but pain medications helped to keep her going strong. Sweetie doesn’t run like a greyhound anymore, but like us, she enjoys her walks, sniffs, and when it snows, a quick romp among this ‘white fluffy stuff’. How cool is that?

She is a sweetheart and we’re glad we were chosen to go on this journey with her. Without you, dear donor, she might still be in the shelter – waiting or worse. Thank you for being there for Sweetie.

Update #2:  We’ve had Satchel for five years now and the change in her demeanor reminds us with patience and love, a dog can truly blossom.  Unfortunately three years in, Sweetie had a bad accident and had to spend 3 days in the hospital! Thank goodness, no broken bones but she required a pleural tap to remove fluid from her lungs. I can’t imagine the cost that ODH covered for her but they did what is their mantra – helping old dogs no matter what.

Our big baby recovered with very little remnants of her ‘adventure’. She can tell with her leg that it’s going to rain or snow but otherwise she’s alive, still doing her walks, and climbing onto the couch to get her belly rubs.   We feel so lucky.

Satchel does know how to relax

Satchel after returning from the hospital (note bandage on right hind foot)! Taking comfort from a nap with a good friend.

Satchel (aka Sweetie) is sponsored by:

  • Victor Nosce in memory of Klondike - Lifetime Sponsor
  • R.C. Painting & Sons Inc. of Redmond, WA - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Barbara McColgan of Port Townsend, WA - Lifetime Sponsor