Sathena is a 38 pound, mixed breed girl who is about 8 years old. She is described as “a sweet and sensitive cuddler”. Sathena is in need of an adoptive home where there are no young children. She does not appreciate the unpredictable nature of babies and young kids. She is all about quiet and calm. A predictable home where she can hang out with her human, getting lots of belly rubs.

In her ideal home, Sathena would be the only animal . She has grown up with a male dog who is her size and done well with him but other dogs can make her nervous. It’s possible that with a dog savvy owner, Sathena could accept a very calm dog  (we’d guess another male) if she was properly introduced and integrated. Sathena has times even with her “brother” that she wants her personal space. She has been known to chase cats.

Sathena has had training and walks well on leash. She does not appreciate off leash dogs who come up to her and get in her face. This is not a gal who’d want to hang out in a dog park. She enjoys a couple walks a day, a game of “search” and if you paddle board-Sathena will join you! She loves road trips. Sathena also LOVES the snow! She sounds like a dog up for a lot of fun!  All said, her favorite time is still when she can cuddle up and watch a movie with her person.

Sathena does receive Cytopoint injections for allergies. Her allergies are not uncommon ones; her owner will share more about this with potential adopters. She is good for nail trims and baths. Sathena even does well with getting her teeth brushed every night. Stairs are not a problem for Sathena at this time.

We are told that Sathena does not appreciate being left alone for long periods of time on a regular basis. It will take time for her to learn a new routine in a new home, she should be shown patience and understanding in this life-changing transition. The hope is that she can find a home with someone who works from home or a couple who has a staggered work schedule or perhaps a retiree with energy to keep up with a young senior dog. She is reportedly well house trained and can manage about 4-6 hours a day between potty breaks during the day and doesn’t need a potty break overnight.

If you have been looking for a loyal friend who seems to be intune with her person, wanting to cheer you up and provide comfort, perhaps Sathena is “the one” for you?

Sathena is located in Seattle, WA. For contact information please email:

This is a courtesy post. Sathena is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

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