“Hi I am Scout!  I am 15yrs old and didn’t think I would be looking for a new home at this age, but here I am.  I just got my teeth cleaned which were really horrible, I am feeling much better but I lost almost all my teeth!    The vet says I am a really healthy for an old guy!  I am looking for a nice quiet home, with someone who will be home with me quite a bit.

“Other dogs are OK as long as they give me space, especially while I am eating!  My back legs are a bit weak, but I still get around OK, a one level home will be best for me. I still have some sight, but I can’t hear at all.  I am potty trained but being an old guy I sometimes don’t make it outside in time when it is time to poop!  I really enjoy having a person home with me, I don’t need you to fuss with me much, but just knowing you are here makes me feel really happy.  I like to roll around and get my belly rubbed and laying on fuzzy beds!

“Foster mom says I am a sweet hearted little fella that is hungry for love.  I know most of you want a young whipper snapper but I would be very happy if someone gave me a soft place to land for the time I have left. ”

Scout is with Pacific Pug Rescue in Portland Oregon.  If you are interested in Scout please email adoptions@pacificpugrescue.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.