Seymour came into a shelter as another of those “strays”, intact and so lame he could barely walk. The shelter neutered him and he joined ODH. Our vet found such nasty arthritis in the right elbow that it could only bend halfway, but also damage to his spine making control over his left hind leg iffy at best. We experimented with combinations of meds to help with both and he managed to make whole circuits of the property a couple of times a day – Seymour really loved the open field and lying down watching. More than that he loved to be with his people, and above all else he loved to be stroked. He had a knack for collapsing in the middle of the traffic pattern (with his bad elbow always on something soft) – at 95 pounds and VERY long, he was a significant obstacle in the house! He was a big tough guy who simply soldiered on no matter how difficult it was to move, happy to be with us and fussed over. When his back legs started lurching and he couldn’t turn around without tipping over, he didn’t complain but we knew it was time. One of the most gentle souls we’ve known, Seymour will be missed – we loved him a lot. He passed away February 2015.