Shadiya is another sad example of what happens if you don’t plan ahead for the care of your dogs if you’re unable to care for them.

After being found by the dead body of her person and spending two months in a busy, noisy shelter because neither friends nor family would take her, Shadiya came home to us exhausted and depressed. She slept for 24 hours and now after 10 days of vet care, TLC, and understanding that she now lives with people who love and value her, Shadiya is on the road to recovery and living the best life she can as a much loved old lady.

Shadiya’s body isn’t strong (cataracts, enlarged heart, luxating patellas) but she has a sense of identity that makes us smile, and she isn’t defined by her limitations. She can’t walk much because her back legs don’t work very well because of her knees, but she manages to get where she needs to go just fine—where she needs to go is usually one of the comfy dog beds where she burrows under the blankets and naps. Or … better yet a lap.

It would seem that Shadiya hasn’t really ever eaten dog food, so we’ve provided a buffet of various foods to tempt her and she’s finally coming around. It’s interesting to see what she likes and doesn’t like to eat: No rice, yes mashed potatoes. No regular dog food, yes A-D with warm chicken, No special dog treats, yes Milkbone broken up in very small pieces (she only has a few teeth.) But at least she’s eating, drinking and her bodily functions are working again.

This little sweetheart has found her way into our hearts. We love her and hope she can stay for a while.

Thanks to ODH for providing much needed vet care.


After 14 months of shared love, it was time to say goodbye to Shadiya. Our little warrior could power through almost anything, but she had several physical problems that began to manifest themselves at the same time, compromising her quality of life. We saw the light begin to fade in her eyes so we sent her on to her next expression of spirit with our love and thanks for everything she taught us.

Shadiya was a considerable presence for such a small dog. She couldn’t be physically active, but she was very much present when she was awake. When guests came for dinner, she sat at the table in her own chair as a member of the group. At night when we were watching TV she curled up on the bed where we always had some blankets  heaped in piles so she could burrow. When I was recuperating from surgery she took her monitoring/nursing jobs very seriously, and when she was looking out the window she kept us informed about wildlife intruders in the yard.

Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us little girl. We miss your physical presence, but we are grateful that our hearts are bigger because you shared yours with us.

Very comfy