Shadow was left at a shelter when his owner had to move. This handsome guy was really obese, moved with difficulty, had a number of odd growths, had a high blood glucose, and seemed blind. Once in his ODH home his skin improved dramatically and the vet determined that he had a perhaps genetic abnormality in his knee making the movement issues but is pain free at least at this point. His glucose went back to normal when shelter stress was removed. He saw an opthalmologist who diagnosed Progressive Retinal Atrophy – Shadow has slowly lost most of his sight and will lose the rest with time. His ODH mom has a job ahead to get him slim and trim (those dachshund backs really are at risk from extra weight) but he’s easily moved in and become part of the family.

“Even though he only has a small amount of vision left in one eye, he is a very bright light in our home. I am in awe of this gentleman’s ability to find his way around like he had no handicap at all. The sores on his body have healed, and his coat is getting softer each day and you can just see the happiness in his eyes.”

That’s exactly what we want for the dogs who become part of Old Dog Haven!

Update:  Sweet Shadow had to leave his loving family after a serious health crisis – he just couldn’t recover and we had to say good-bye.  He was such a lovely pup and will be greatly missed.