Little Shanelle was brought to the shelter for euthanasia. She was in bad shape: she was suffering from a terrible urinary tract infection, visibly abscessed and dead teeth, possible bladder stones, and a heart murmur.  She refused to let anyone touch her face and struggled to eat even the softest foods. Infections had gone into her sinuses and made it hard to breathe. The shelter contacted Old Dog Haven for help and a Final Refuge home was found for her right away. Shanelle’s new person was prepared to not have her for very long: “I said that was fine, if I only had her for a week or two, I wanted her to have the best week or two possible.”

Once in her ODH home, it became very clear that this little senior had given up on life. Her person tells us, “Shanelle he didn’t respond to sounds or sights. She hated being picked up and tolerated being petted but didn’t seek attention. She didn’t groom or do doggy things and getting her to eat was a struggle.” But as often happens, once this very sick old dog received needed veterinary attention in a loving home she began to transform. Shanelle’s UTI was treated immediately and she had an echocardiogram to determine whether she could withstand needed dental work as well as an ultrasound to confirm bladder stones. The subsequent dental procedure was extensive–all of her teeth were extracted and they reconstructed her hard palate and sinuses–but it made a big difference for Shanelle. Within a week of surgery she was letting her people touch her face and she could finally breathe easily.

Shanelle has continued to blossom ever since! Her person tells us, “It’s been like night and day with her…Shanelle’s a whole different dog! She went from being completely unresponsive and refusing to eat to becoming a little piglet! She LOVES her din din, and she has become so alert and active. She even gives me little happy dances for her treats, which is just magical. She loves to go for walkies and sniff and listen and look around at the world…she’s especially taken with the squirrels! She now loves to groom and scratch and do all sorts of doggy things. Sometimes she even gets the zoomies and we play a little chase game which is adorable. And she’s so smart! I’ve taught her a few tricks and commands and she picked them right up!  She’s also good at communicating. When she wants attention she will walk up to us and gently ‘boop’ our legs with her snout. She has a special little grunt that she uses to tell me she’s hungry, and she has a specific growl for potty time. She is a surprisingly vocal little lady, but rarely barks. She just wants to be wherever I am, and her favorite thing in the whole world–aside from snuggles on the couch and treats–is her electric blanket! Shanelle’s improving every day and it makes me so happy. She’s the sweetest little snuggle bug!”

Friends, this is what your support of ODH makes possible for dogs like Shanelle.

“It has been so amazing and rewarding to witness this dog, who was literally at death’s door, transform into an active and happy dog that loves her life. Her golden years will continue to be as happy and love-filled as possible and I love her dearly.”

Update:  Sweet little Shanelle’s health failed very suddenly and we said good-bye.  She was so loved in her Final Refuge family and made the most of all the care and special attention she received.  This little girl will be greatly missed!


Shanelle on arrival

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