Shaylah and Wyatt, were two unlikely roommates who figured out how to peacefully coexist.  They joined their new Final Refuge family within a few months of each other and now have a pack of their own.  Shaylah is about 18 pounds of VERY feisty Rat Terrier (mix?) who does not allow Wyatt (75 pounds of VERY laid back Pit/Lab mix) to ever thing he is the boss by virtue of size and weight!

In spite of a fairly tumultuous first meeting in the back yard, Wyatt and Shaylah have come to a comfortable resolution of their differences, and now amicably share their new home.  Doggie beds were purchased for both of them with their relative sizes considered.  Well, that distinction was lost on Shaylah, who routinely likes to curl up in Wyatt’s bed.  For his part, Wyatt is not adverse to plopping down on Shaylah’s bed, frequently when his own bed is vacant!f

Shaylah is a bit defensive about her food bowl but merely barks and bares her teeth when Wyatt passes too close.  Wyatt is simply NOT concerned about his bowl, and generally finishes his chow in one pass, which puts the bowl back in the kitchen when empty.  One of Wyatt’s favorite places to curl up is the rug in front of the short sofa, which is ALSO a favorite spot for Shaylah.  Neither is at all territorial about this, fortunately.

In spite of age and painful joints, Wyatt is very much up for walks, taking 3 or 4 daily around “his” territory here in the urban core of Bremerton.  He has NEVER met a stranger, and has proved to be completely trustworthy around every one on two legs that he meets.  He is less happy about other dogs, and some cats…  It is a real joy to approach a new family with a toddler out front.  I always ask if the little one would like to meet Wyatt, and generally the answer is “yes”…  He dutifully puts up with small hands patting his head or side, and thus is able to be a wonderful ambassador to another generation of children who will now be less likely to fear large dogs – especially ones with brindle coats and large feet!  Shaylah, on the other hand, barks at EVERYBODY when she’s out, and is always kept on a short leash when passing others – either two or four-legged.  She is more likely to return home after a brief time out, walking much less than Wyatt likes to go.  She also is more likely to snooze on “her” bed (whichever one she chooses at the moment) during the day than Wyatt.

Both are treasured members of a constantly evolving pack, and benefit from the bequests of those that have gone before.  That would be Toby, Sunni, and Chick…

Updates:  Shaylah’s health worsened, so she was sent on her way by her loving family – she will be greatly missed.  After many more months, sweet Wyatt’s health finally failed and it was with great sadness that he also had to leave. They are together once again, and reunited with their loved ones who have gone before.