Sheba and Daisy are bonded best friends whose human has passed away. At this time they are living in their home alone with a caring family member coming over to care for them.  We have been asked to post them for adoption. Not much is known about the pair, except that they are very sweet! We will use their story as another reminder to everyone who owns a pet to share with close friends and family about your dogs in the event that something happens to you!. We suggest writing facts out about your pets-ages, where they were vetted, if they are altered, any known medical issues, where you obtained them from, etc. And now onto what is known about Daisy and Sheba!

These lovely girls are black labradors. We are told that Sheba is approximately 10 years old and she weighs about 65 pounds. Daisy is about 11 years old, she too weighs about 65 pounds. Both girls are spayed and up to date on vaccines but no other vetting information is known. It is very important for these girls’ sakes, that their adopter can afford their vet care and good quality dog food for the rest of their days. Ideally upon adoption the plan she be that both are taken to the vet for a full senior dog exam with lab work. This will give their adopter an overall picture of their health.

Daisy and Sheba are well behaved dogs, living indoors and going out as needed for potty breaks. Both girls are showing signs of arthritis; stairs appear to be challenging for them.It’d be wonderful if they could be given something to ease any discomfort they may have. The girls will alert you by barking when the mailman arrives.

At this time the girls don’t get out for much exercise. No doubt they’d appreciate time to get out and smell and stretch their legs. They are reportedly good on leash. However, these are 2 big dogs who could be a lot for one person to handle on a walk alone. We’d bet they would enjoy taking their walks together so a home where 2 people can take them together would be nice.

It is unknown how the girls react to new dogs. Proper and slow introduction is always best when integrating a pair of dogs with resident dogs. Daisy and Sheba have lived with cats and they do well with gentle children who are old enough to know not to be rough with them.

Sheba and Daisy are both described as being “loyal and very kind”. They sound like a lovely pair of senior dogs who will make a great addition to their adoptive home. The pair need an adoptive home very soon.

Daisy and Sheba are located in Sumner, WA. For contact information please email:

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.