Shelby, like so many of our ODH seniors, found herself rejected by her people in her golden years when she was picked up as a stray. Instead of picking her up and welcoming her back home, her owners just surrendered her when contacted by the shelter. So this lovely 13 year old pit bull/redbone hound found herself in the shelter for almost a month. Fortunately, an ODH Final Refuge home was found for her and she now has a real forever home where she will be loved and cared for.

Her mom reports that “she immediately took over my sofa even though she has her own comfortable bed!” and has adjusted well to the indoor cats. Shelby loves to chase squirrels in her big backyard, go for walks, nap in comfort and, of course, get treats! Shelby will be getting a much-needed dental soon, as well as good vet care to monitor the many “lumps & bumps” she has all over her body, many of which are likely fatty tumors. But Shelby’s living the good life now, thanks to your support of ODH.

Update:  Dear Shelby relished every moment in her Final Refuge home and was very much loved.  Sadly, we had to let her go after a sudden onset of laryngeal paralysis which didn’t respond to treatment.  She will be greatly missed – a very special girl.

Shelby on her sofa