ODH PERMANENT FOSTER HOME NEEDED:    Shih tzu or lhasa mix, 15#, still intact male.  This little guy came into the shelter as a horrible mess, has been cleaned up some and feeling much cheerier.  He has skin and ear infections, “dry eye” with most vision gone, doesn’t seem to hear, has a mild heart murmur and bad teeth and stiff hips.    In other words, he needs ODH’s help quickly though he may not have a ton of time left.  He isn’t neutered so may offend some other males, but seems to really be friendly and happy to greet other small dogs and is good on leash – a great credit since his vision is so limited.

Help Shih Tzu Mix Boy

Please contact Old Dog Haven for information about Shih Tzu Mix Boy, or find out more information about being an ODH Foster home.