Shirley came into a shelter with her sister (?) Granny; they were both in bad shape cosmetically but Shirley looked far worse. Our foster mom who loves to fix up the dogs who look pathetic and neglected jumped in with enthusiasm and soon Shirley looked like a different dog. Sadly, she came with a very large mammary tumor but, by the time her skin was healthy enough to allow surgery to remove it and spay her to prevent more, we found the huge tumor in her abdomen. Until it grows large enough to rupture we’re letting her thoroughly enjoy her life – and she is doing so. Shirley is probably a hound mix with something small, she may have been left outdoors for a long time but she definitely moved right in. She loves lounging on the couch and relaxing. Such a NICE dog deserves a long comfortable retirement after suffering such neglect, but that is not likely to be. For right now this is a very happy beautiful dog who basks in a lot of love.

Update:  Proving that these things can never be predicted, Shirley’s tumor finally grew so huge that it caused pain – two and a half years after diagnosis. She was treated as a princess and spoiled appropriately through those years, a very very happy dog. Her ODH family is so glad they spent that time with her.