Shorty is a very sweet, loving dog who is friendly and loves all people.  He is curious, intelligent and a happy dog who hopes to be someone’s best friend and ride-along buddy.  We don’t know exactly what breeds went into this cutie.  He weighs 20 pounds and is about 10 years old – a young senior in good health with no mobility issues.    He lived on the streets for quite some time and still feels threatened by large males, but would be great living with a female or perhaps smaller male.  We think he’d probably be fine as an only dog as well.    We’ve not seen him around cats.

Shorty loves to walk (great on a leash) and REALLY loves to go in the car with you; he’s a couch potato when inside with very good manners.     He has been living with a child and is gentle and tolerant with young ones who know how to be gentle with him. He’s a professional lap warmer who loves to sit next to you and sleep with you, but is content in his open crate in your bedroom. He needs a fenced yard so he doesn’t end up as a street dog again, however.

We think Shorty is a great dog who just wants love, attention, maybe walks and car rides.    He survived a hard time in his life and is ready to be part of the right family.   Shorty is in foster care in Arlington WA.