8 year old littermates Silky and Monty are “doxi-poos”-dachshund/poodle mixes that are looking for an adoptive home together. According to their caregiver, no one is a “stranger” to these boys; they are very loving, friendly dogs. Silky and Monty have never lived with another dog or with a cat. They are curious when meeting dogs and perhaps they could be fine living with another friendly dog if introduced and integrated properly. Both have done well with respectful children. The brothers lived a sheltered life as companion dogs to an elderly couple . Monty and Silky always had a lap to sit on and were never left alone much. Since their long-time owners have no longer been able to care for them, they have been left alone for up to 6 hours without needing a potty break. Silky and Monty can do stairs and both do well on leash. While they haven’t required a lot of exercise, they’d probably appreciate getting out for regular walks. We are told Monty and Silky bond fast to a caregiver, they will make a wonderful addition to their new home. This pair is what we consider to be “young” seniors, they deserve a home where they will never have to go through re-homing again. Silky and Monty are currently being cared for in Edmonds, WA.

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.