Sweet Sitka wound up in shelter with terrible skin issues.  The shelter tried for nearly two months to clear them up but couldn’t so they asked ODH to find her a home.   After all this stress Sitka had a tough time in her temporary foster home but once in her ODH Final Refuge home she settled in​ ​extremely quickly and is a very affectionate companion​.​

She’s thrilled to be coddled as a much loved member of the family and, with the help of the dermatologist, her skin is much improved and she’s feeling much better.

​Thanks to support from ODH and much needed vet care, this dear girl will hopefully have a long time with her new family.

Update: Our beautiful girl was with us nearly 3 years, never losing her energy for roaring around the pasture – flushing birds, chasing sparrows in huge circles, just trotting along.    She got through her pemphigus, beat canine herpes, tolerated way too many interlopers into her home, and was my devoted shadow until close to age 15.     She was very much loved and will be dearly missed.