“Hi, I’m Skeeter! I need to find a new home, this time around, I’m hoping it will be for always.
I am a young senior at only 9 years old. I weigh about 50 pounds. Do you wanna guess my breed mix? Maybe my adopter would want to do one of those DNA tests on me, to find out?  I am a unique looking boy with a spotted foot, white chest and golden coloring.

“Since I’ve only been in my current home for about 6 years, they don’t know everything about my past. For instance, they can’t tell you if I’ve ever lived with other dogs or cats. In my current home there are no other animals. If I see other dogs, sometimes I want to play with them, other times I’ll ignore them. Sometimes I bark at other dogs! It may be OK to live with another friendly dog who is about my age, but you must be able to do proper introductions as that’s the best way to start a new relationship between canines. Kids are OK as long as they are old enough to be gentle and not too small that I could accidentally knock them over when I get the zoomies.

“It’s suspected that I have been through training as I am VERY smart and  well behaved. I do great on leash. I know some tricks and basic commands but if you took some time with me, I’d bet I could learn even more skills. Walks are FUN.  I hope I get to take at least one walk a day when I go to my new home! I have a lot of energy, too much energy for the older folks I live with now which is why they need to give me up. They worry about falling when I get happy and run around.

“While I get to spend the day inside with my people, at night I have to sleep outside in a kennel. That is something I’d really, REALLY like to have changed as it’s cold at night and lonely outdoors.

“The people who have me now have never left me alone inside when they leave the house but one of their adult kids believes I would be fine if I was allowed to stay inside. It’s because I’m such a good boy! I can manage without a potty break for quite a bit. I do very little barking unless it’s appropriate.

“I have not seen a vet since 2018. My adopters need to be able to afford my vet care and good quality dog food for the rest of my days. I promise to make it worth your while! At this time I’m not showing any signs of arthritis but it will more than likely come as it does to all of us dogs who are fortunate to live long enough. Right now I can manage stairs.

“I am a very loving and loyal friend. I want to be with my humans.I try so hard to please. I just know there’s a forever home out there for me! Given the chance, I will follow you around, sit against you and even sleep with you! If only given the chance…”

Skeeter is located in Kent, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. Skeeter is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation. 

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