Skooter and Ginger are very best friends hoping they can find an adoptive home where they can remain together. The pair lost their human tragically and while family has kept them as long as they could, circumstances have unfortunately changed and now they must find a new home for them.

Skooter is about 8 years old, he is a 50 pound Australian Shepherd. 9 year old Ginger is a gorgeous collie mix who weighs 45 pounds. They are described as being “very loving, high energy dogs”. Ginger and Skooter do not appreciate other dogs, so they will need a home without other dogs. So if you are currently “dogless” and looking to add some love and fun into your life, Ginger and Skooter could make your life complete!

These friends have been good with children age 6 and up. Neither have been exposed to cats and because of their energy level, it’s probably best to keep it that way. These are young seniors! They need  a secure, fenced yard to play in and time to learn good leash skills while on walks. We are told both dogs will pull so walking them together will be a 2 person job. They have always had a dog door to go out into their yard to do their business.

Scooter does not appreciate time alone. Ginger sounds OK with it but as they are a bonded pair, keeping them together should help keep Skooter content when the humans leave the house. Of course, as we recommend with any adoption, time should be allowed for these dogs to settle in and learn the routine in their new home.

Ginger and Skooter can manage stairs at this time.They both bark at passersby, cars, and other animals they see outside. This means a home without neighbors who will mind barking dogs is a must. Some dogs bark, some don’t. These dogs will! Perhaps more time exercising could help curb this? One can’t be certain though. Both Ginger and Skooter are accustomed to going in and out of their home as they please.

We are told Skooter loves to cuddle. He will put his head on your chest. Ginger is playful and loves attention. She will put her paw on you to get your attention. We are sure hoping to help Skooter and Ginger find the terrific adoptive home they deserve.

Ginger and Skooter are located in Milton, WA. For contact information please email:

This is a courtesy post. These are not Old Dog Haven dogs. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.


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