This cute boy’s name is Smokey. He’s a 10 year old Cocker Spaniel. We’re told he’s a mix but we can’t see that-he looks all cocker to us! Regardless we think he’s adorable. Smokey weighs 20 pounds.

We are told that Smokey has never lived with other dogs but he loves to play with other friendly dogs. Smokey has lived with cats and done well with them. He has also lived with children and been good with kids who’ve been kind to him.

Currently Smokey spends his days alone in the garage; it’s not something he’s keen on but his family’s lives have changed drastically. This is why Smokey is in need of a new home. Smokey would love a home with someone he can spend days with. Perhaps a stay at home parent or someone who works from home? Or maybe Smokey would do better when the humans left if he had a canine buddy to keep him company? This is not to say Smokey can’t be left alone, only that he doesn’t like being left alone for more than a few hours.

Smokey is still an active fellow. While he’s not spent a lot of time on leash, we’d bet he could learn to and really enjoy going for walks. Cockers have great noses! It’d be great fun to take Smokey out for walks or watch him run around in a fenced yard.

Reportedly Smokey is not much of a barker but he will alert you when someone’s at the door. He will stop though when he’s told “no bark”. Smokey does need frequent potty breaks. He tries his best to “hold it” for as long as he can but he shouldn’t have to do that too often.

Smokey is described as “The sweetest boy who loves being with his people. He is happy to sit with you or be on the go as long as he is with you.” Someone is going to be very lucky to welcome this loyal boy into their family, might that be YOU?

Smokey is waiting on Camano Island, WA. for his adoptive home.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.