“My name is Snowy and I’m hoping you can help me find my true forever home. Like thousands of senior dogs all over the country, I somehow found myself in a shelter in bad shape. Adoption for me was going to be tough, more than likely impossible. Some people knew my life would more than likely end at the shelter if they didn’t find help for me so they reached out and a family in Washington state said they’d adopt me. I was brought up and my new family tried to get me as healthy as they could. Their hope was to keep me forever but alas, there were things about me they didn’t know and because of that, I need to find a home with people who can afford my ongoing care and keep me for the rest of my days.

“They call me a white Labrador Retriever and say I’m 10 years old. I can’t tell you for sure how old I am, I could certainly be older than that. I am a big boy who weighs about 85 pounds. I have arthritis and my family is giving me supplements and medication to help with that. There are stairs here and I just cannot do them, it’s too hard for me. I really need a home without stairs to climb. I do love going for short walks but I limp so a slow pace is appreciated. I’ve heard keeping an old dog moving is good for them! I behave very well on leash.

“I live with another dog and I am good with new dogs I meet. I can’t tell you what I’d do if I saw a cat. There are young children in my home and I’ve been very good with them. Kind, gentle, respectful children are best with old dogs. You’d not let your child climb upon or pull upon your Grandpa, right?

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve had painful, infected ears. I need someone who can afford further treatment of my ears. After my infections have healed, I will more than likely need life-time daily cleaning and monitoring to keep my ears healthy and pain free.  My family will tell you all they have done for me and I appreciate it but I need more treatment.

“The people I live with have a busy life and full schedule. I am a mellow boy and I behave myself when they leave for the day. I’m really a champion sleeper! I can go quite a while without needing potty breaks. I would appreciate a home where someone is around more often to let me out and just to spend time with.

“I really am a loving boy who is appreciative of the love and kindness I’ve been shown. I have faith that “just the right home” is out there for me-will you help me find it?”

Snowy is located in Poulsbo, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.