Soren, a very tiny Pomeranian, was surrendered to a shelter by the family of a person who had died. All of a sudden, through no fault of his own, this six-pound dog found himself in a cage surrounded by barking dogs instead of on the lap of his person. He was clearly terrified, so the shelter asked Old Dog Haven to find him a home quickly.

When he first arrived in his ODH Final Refuge home, Soren was still frightened and, as an intact male (soon to be remedied), was aggressive with the resident dogs.  As time passed, Soren has started to feel safe and his little personality is beginning to show.  Soren is fierce and has no idea that he is so small.  He is almost completely blind, but manages very nicely to find his way around the house and even out into the yard. He’s most often found in his mom’s arms or sleeping under her desk waiting for the work to be done so they can cuddle.

Soren’s teeth are in terrible shape, and he will soon be made much more comfortable after a dental. There will also be a trip to the Animal Vision Center to see if there is any help for his retinal issue.

Soren didn’t immediately connect with the other dogs in his forever family, but this is changing more each day. His brother and two sister dogs are starting to include him in their play, and he is very happy to use his voice and join in.

Soren has already become a much loved member of the family, and we are all very grateful and happy to have him with us for as long as possible.  We’re very grateful to ODH for placing Soren with us, and for financially taking care of his medical problems.


After almost ten months, Soren’s physical and mental issues became too much for him to deal with so his family sent him Home with love and thanks for sharing their home and hearts.  Soren was fiercely independent but also very affectionate and loving. He was happiest in his mom’s arms, but no matter where he was he knew he was safe, loved and valued by his family.

Soren really couldn’t see much but when he heard the other dogs barking he wanted to be a part of the action so off he went in search of whatever needed his attention.  When he went to the vet office the staff greeted him like a long lost friend and the word quickly spread that Soren was in the house: “He’s so cute.”  “He’s my favorite.”

Treats? Soren never met a treat he didn’t like (especially whipped cream and ice cream) and his nose sought out any food that was available.

Soren is an excellent example of a dog that had a little more time left in this life, and Old Dog Haven made it possible for him to move on to his next adventure after experiencing love and much needed medical attention. Thank you to Old Dog Haven for helping him medically as much as possible considering his many issues.

What did Soren teach us? Among other lessons, what comes to mind is: “It ain’t over til the fat lady sings.”

Thank you Soren.