Sparrow was returned at age 15 to the shelter where he’d been left and then adopted out 3 years prior.   Because of his age and his significant heart murmur plus some odd things in his labwork, ODH was asked to take him in.

He will see the cardiologist and likely have a dental if his heart allows it, and meanwhile is beginning to help at ODH outreach events – he always enjoys meeting people.

After all those losses and changes, we expected some separation anxiety.   His new home reports that so far he hasn’t shown any signs of separation anxiety!  When his foster mom leaves, he gets to decide if he goes with her or stays home.  Sparrow is a very sweet little guy and now has loving home for the rest of his life thanks to Old Dog Haven.

Update:  After much too short a time, Sparrow’s emotional and physical health issues became too much and his family loving said good-bye.