Sir Edmund Spenser, a tiny maltese, showed up in a busy shelter looking pretty bedraggled. ODH found a Final Refuge home for him but he started to cough the day before the move – which was the day of the Big 2015 Windstorm, knocking out power to make things worse. The next day it became apparent that little Spenser was very very sick. Thanks to two transport volunteers he got to the specialty center and into intensive care. Sadly, he was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension with both right- and left-sided heart failure; he also had a liver infection. After 3 days of intensive treatment he went home again and was cuddled, loved and constantly cared for by his ODH moms. He felt better for a while and had a great time playing, running around, being snuggled, and eating heartily. All too soon his symptoms returned, he struggled to breathe, and nothing more could be done. His ODH family mourns him but is so glad they could give him a few weeks of being loved and much more comfortable. He left this world with love around him, knowing he was wanted. Spenser died November 2015