Stevie is an old Pomeranian who was turned in as a “stray” to the state’s busiest shelter in 2008 at age 13. His coat was in terrible shape and clearly he couldn’t see, so the shelter staff hoped he could be placed with a rescue group. Now happily living in a Final Refuge home with a group of other little dogs, he’s managing very well and charming all who meet him. He wakes up by the crack of noon, two at the latest. Then spends the rest of the day bossing everyone around by barking until he gets what he wants – usually food, the boy loves to eat! Although he’s blind, his ears make up for it and he can pick up on anything food related like wrappers from the other end of the house! This is what he does for fun LOL. He also still likes to explore the backyard on occasion, but doesn’t cover as much ground as he once did. He’s still going strong and looking great! Stevie has a full coat of hair now and of course hates to be groomed! If we believe what the shelter told us when Stevie came to us in January 2008, he was 20 years old when his body simply gave out – always healthy, he just faded. He lived a very full life despite his blindness and has left a huge imprint on his ODH family. Rest well, little guy, you had a grand long life. Stevie passed away December 1, 2014.