Stewart was found abandoned in a fruit box and brought to an ODH affiliate hospital. He was the sweetest little guy even as he was pulled him from his spider and dirt filled box.   It’s hard to say how long he’d been on his own or what his life was like before, but one thing was for sure and that was that he needed care immediately. Stewart was malnourished, covered in fleas, had untreated orthopedic issues, and had awful dental disease causing a growth to form on his gums. Once the Veterinary staff saw him they contacted ODH for help, and they did!

After only a few weeks in his new ODH final foster home, and with treatment and support from wonderful Veterinarians, Stewart began to run around and play with his housemates. He even let out a playful bark for the first time! Stewart is a funny little character, one minute he’s your typical old and sleepy pup, the next he tears off running after the ball his housemates are chasing and stopping to do 360 spins!

His favorite things are belly rubs, naps, and tennis balls! His ODH fosters are so thankful to Old Dog Haven for giving Stewart a chance to feel loved and get the care he needs.

Update:  Little Stewart had a wonderful time with his family but finally became ill and it was time for them to let him go.  We are so grateful for the loving care that Stewart received and that he was able to be a happy little fellow again in a home where he was much loved.