Please welcome Sully the Yorkie mix to the Old Dog Haven family!

Sully was a stray who was first brought to the good folks at a local shelter before being placed in an Old Dog Haven foster home.  He is currently settled in with a foster family with three years of experience fostering for Old Dog Haven.

Sully’s  new foster family reports that he is very sweet, and fairly active for an old guy! Sully is in the process of getting fully vetted and beginning treatment.  He has significant kidney disease, with perhaps some liver disease as well. Also, he is about 99% blind  (maybe a touch of vision left).  Sully is getting fluids and will  go on a kidney diet in hopes that we can slow progression of the kidney disease.  In addition,  Sully will need some treatment for his eyes and teeth.  Thanks to Old Dog Haven, Sully will get the treatments he needs to give him the best life possible in his new home.

Please consider sponsoring Sully to help him receive the best retirement possible!

Update:  After much too short a time, Sully’s failing kidneys and other ailments made it necessary for his loving family to say good-bye.  Sully was much loved and had all the help we could give him.  His family will always remember this little guy and we are thankful that he knew such love at the end of his life.