Sully is a silky or yorkshire terrier – we’re not sure which – who spent over a month in a shelter waiting for a place to go. He had bladder stones, a heart murmur, a huge cancerous tumor on retained testicle (another reason to neuter your dog!), rotting teeth – what few were left – and a coat that looked like it had never been brushed. After some quality time with a vet including a major surgery/dental, a groomer, a couple of new doggie “sisters,” and a family that absolutely adores him, he is a new man! 6 pounds of inquisitive, wiggly, affectionate fun, Sully has entered a new phase of life. A joyous life. A safe life. And on a perfect day, look for him in the window of a car, riding shotgun. He’ll be the one with the big smile.

Update:  After over 3 1/2 years in his wonderful Final Refuge home, it was time to send sweet Sully on.  He was a very old little fellow and had a joyful last chapter with a very loving family.  He made it clear that he loved his family right back!