Sunni is just like her name, a happy well-behaved girl who somehow landed in a big shelter. Seeming pretty geriatric with a good deal of arthritis and some skin issues, she wasn’t considered adoptable there but seemed like a great match for one of our Final Refuge homes. She fit in very quickly with her foster dad’s Lab mix who graciously welcomed her and seems to enjoy having her company. They established a comfortable routine that Sunni figured out right away – she’s settled in as part of the pack. In the process, somehow she’s become younger! We often find that’s the case, when these senior dogs are welcomed into a home and given good care. We hope Sunni will have many more months of active retirement ahead of her.

Update:  After 2-1/2 years with her ODH family, Sunni was set free from pain and a declining quality of life. She brightened their home considerably in those years. Her ODH dad said “of course it was a time of sadness, but I choose to see the joy of contemplating her very good last YEARS of life. She will be missed, but still lives in my heart.”