Puggles Sunny and Duke were not littermates but they are very bonded friends who have been together since they were young. Sunny is 9 years old and Duke is 10 years old; both dogs are 25 pounds. The pair has lived with cats and are social with new dogs they meet. Sunny loves gentle kids of all ages but Duke get nervous around young children. A home with kids at least 6 years old and older would be best. Sunny and Duke really enjoy going for walks but also appreciate just lying around. Currently, they can reportedly go between 6-8 hours without needing a potty break. The pair is crate trained and because they kept trying to squeeze into each other’s crates, their person “upgraded” their crate to a large-sized crate so they could be “roommates”. Sunny and Duke can do stairs and they are just fine to stay alone for a work day if they have each other for company. These sweet, friendly buddies are in need of a new home very soon. Duke and Sunny are in Maple Valley, WA hoping they will be able to find a home together.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.