Suzie found herself in a shelter, extremely stressed, at an advanced age. Once she relaxed a bit in her first ODH home the vets kept commenting on her “strange eyes”. The opthalmologist found that she had 2 eye conditions genetically linked to golden retrievers and one linked to beagles, so we figure she was probably a golden-beagle mix. Then she came into season – despite having an obvious spay scar – and we discovered that she had ovarian fragments left behind from an “incomplete spay”. Those were removed with laparoscopic surgery and we had hopes for many more happy years for Suzie. She settled into a quiet ODH home, loved her walks and loved spending time outside. All too soon, neurologic signs developed. She had an emergency hospital visit that was inconclusive but started on meds that gave her another happy month with her family before she was overtaken.

Her ODH family all miss her; underneath her strong and determined personality she was a sweetheart.

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