Sweetie was dropped off in a shelter, the person who brought her in said she was 10 years old and they really didn’t want her anymore. Coming to ODH, she lived with Judith and Lee for about 3 months and when we were looking for a dog Judith said she had just the dog: good with other dogs, cats and kids. Sweetie was the love of our lives and our cat Ben worshiped her. When we went for walks, more often than not, Ben went along with us. Sweetie lived a great life playing with her 7 dog cousins and her 3 cats . She loved her ball and when we would come home, she would flip it in the air and chase it. She went everywhere with us. She went to visit her dog cousins, but she liked it better when they came to visit her because then she was in charge of her yard and her toys. Her Ballard buddy was a lab named Chloe and she liked to be out on the deck with Chloe taking in the beautiful views. If we were a little late coming home, she would be at the window waiting for us. Sweetie loved to go camping and looked forward to her special place in the car and her special bed in our tent trailer. She loved her walks that we took almost every morning and always in the evening. She met lots of wonderful dogs and the kids just adored her. She was a kind and loving dog but, being part Corgi, she had a little stubborn streak in her – she wanted things “her way.” The Beagle part of her was her nose to the ground for the best smells possible. Once Sweetie ate 3 cat toys and had to have emergency surgery at the Lynnwood pet hospital. It took her a few months to recover from that ordeal and then 4 months later she had a bout with cancer and had another operation. She came through both with flying colors! Sweetie was a brave little dog with a big heart and she made everyone laugh. She taught us patience, and gave us so much pleasure, love, joy and happiness. There will always be a little hole of sadness in our hearts, but also fond memories of one Old Dog who gave love and happiness to everyone she knew. She lived with us almost 7years and it was one of the best 7 years of our lives. Sweetie passed away July of 2015.