“Well Hello there! My name is Tank. At 10 years old I find myself in need of a new home. They say I’m a German Shepherd mix dog, meaning, I’m not all German Shepherd. What I am “mixed” with, I can’t tell you but I can tell you I have a cute, curly tail.  I am a big boy who weighs 95 pounds.

“I have shared my home with another dog in the past but currently I live with cats. I’m a good boy when meeting new dogs and cats and could live with both if I were introduced properly. Because I have some arthritis, I’d prefer a home without a young dog who will try to roughhouse with me or one that will charge at me.  I’ve lived with kids  and am very good to them but because of my size and age, I’d prefer a home with kids who are old enough to be gentle with me.

“At this time I take a medication for my skin. I have had skin allergies which can make me very uncomfortable. In my new home I will need continued care for my skin as well as a healthy diet that won’t flare up my allergies. Right now I can manage stairs but as I age, that could become more difficult. Taking something for joint health would probably help me a great deal. I enjoy short walks but I will pull when I spot something fun. I need a human on the other end of my leash that can manage my size and strength.

“I am a very, very loving dog who wants everyone to be happy. I love to cuddle with my humans. I will give you a “hug” when you come back home after being away. I have a tough sounding bark but in truth I’m a big baby.

“While I can only wait about 3-4 hours for a potty break, I will hold it as best I can if I have to wait. I really want to please my people. I will stay alone inside the house and behave myself, please don’t make me stay outside!

“Moving at this point in my life is not going to be easy on me or my person but it’s necessary. I’m hoping for a new home with someone who will love me for the good boy I am. I am a sensitive fellow who may need some time to adapt to a new home but once I do, I will be your loyal, loving dog forever.”

Tank is posted for his owner in Lakewood, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.