LittleTaylor is probably a very small Lhasa Apso, a tiny girl who’d certainly been well loved and cared for – who knows what happened? She landed in a rural shelter blind, evidently deaf and very emaciated but with a lovely haircut and groomed fairly recently. When she arrived at her ODH home her left eye was covered by a huge matt of hair removed by the vet revealing a ruptured eye with a crater in the middle and covered by pus. Her “dry eye” had been untreated long enough to cause blindness, her jaw was broken and she had broken ribs (all the fractures were recent, either just before or after entering the shelter). So thin that it was scary to pick her up, she didn’t seem likely to live through the week. We were wrong! This is a tough little customer. In 7 weeks she has steadily gained weight and is now starting to look like just a skinny dog, her jaw is healing enough to eat very small kibble, her ribs are healed, and her eyes are much more comfortable thanks to intensive treatment. The biggest worry now is the likely dental abscesses behind that broken jaw; we and the dental specialist are afraid to try to repair those at this point and we are relying on antibiotics to keep down infection. Taylor’s main goal in life is to spend it napping on someone’s lap; being carried around is a reasonable substitute. Failing that, she will curl up with some other dog whether they object or not. We believe she is a very old lady who was a spoiled lap ornament, but she is bright and perky (when awake), LOVES her food, fears nothing, and has wormed her way deep into her foster dad’s heart. Her age and frailties may catch up to her at any time but she’s had a happy time coming back from such horrible neglect and she has her world pretty darn well under control right now.