Meet Tessa, a rottweiler/cattle dog mix who is guessed to be about 11 years old. Tessa has lived with 2 cats and she’s done very well with them. Currently Tessa lives with another dog and is fine with him but when meeting new dogs she tends to “rush” at them. Tessa will need an experienced “dog person” because of bad experiences many years ago. Tessa weighs about 65 pounds; not a very large dog but big enough to need someone who can manage her strength if she pulls on walks. Her hobbies include riding in the car (with the window at a safe level), going for walks and hikes, and sunbathing on the deck. She has good recall, especially if she has bonded with you and she knows you have a yummy treat in your pocket! Tessa is always up for an adventure, would be a great running buddy with some leash training, but is also willing to chill out with her people and be a couch potato. We are told Tessa is “rock solid house trained; she reportedly go quite a few hours without needing a potty break. She can stay alone inside the house while you’re away but she does appreciate getting to be outside when the weather is nice. Tessa had surgery to remove a mast cell tumor last year. We are told the tumor was removed completely but this type of cancer may or may not reoccur so she should be monitored. The great thing is, Tessa has no knowledge or worry of that!

She’s a loving girl who is just hoping to find someone new to be devoted and loyal to for the rest of her days-might that be with you? Tessa is in need of an adopter soon.

Tessa is waiting in Deming, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.