Update:  Those huge eyes were Thomas’s weak point all along.  When one became very painful and he became confused it was time to say goodbye.   We will all miss him snuggling with us – he is truly missed.

Little Thomas was named for one of the Seahawks stars because he’s slender, quick, quiet and a bit mysterious. The shelter asked us to take a friendly blind and deaf shih tzu who had been there for nearly a month with kennel cough. Thomas29 almost certainly is a shih tzu/bichon mix (very popular “designer breed”) who sees a little, hears a little, and just loves snuggling in laps or with other dogs. The ophthalmologist doesn’t quite know why his vision is so limited; he has a “dry eye” condition but nothing very extensive. Perhaps a glitch in the optical nerves communicating with the brain? This little fellow quickly won everyone’s hearts – he loves everyone! – and has settled into cheering on the Hawks with the rest of the family. He is very grumpy about pictures but much cheerier and adorable without the camera.

He joins his buddies Bennett and Rubin in saying Go Hawks!