Thomas, a cute little Shih Tzu, went through two shelters and an adoption in a short period of time; his brother stayed adopted but Thomas was returned probably because his eyes needed medication. In an ODH foster home he began to relax, his medical needs were addressed and he was adopted again but returned immediately when the resident dog didn’t bond with him right away. Understandably, this lack of stability has made Thomas quite reserved about people. His eyes are comfortable with two different drops and regular opthalmologist consults; he has only a tiny bit of vision left and not much hearing. Now that he’s settled and loved in his ODH home, we feel he shouldn’t have to be “abandoned” and move again so he will stay as long as he’s happy and comfortable. Little Thomas struggled against his challenges to the very end, but they were too much for him. He was sent on his way with love, and leaves a little empty spot in his home.