Tia was found as a stray in a busy downtown area which is scary considering she’s only eight pounds and doesn’t see very well. The shelter contacted Old Dog Haven and transferred care. She was found to have a nasal fistula that was repaired but continued to have sinus issues that required seeing a specialist who recommended an expensive scan that ODH was able to pay for.

Unfortunately, as it is with some long nosed dogs, she had sinus cancer that had invaded her skull. With medications, Tia (or Sweetie T as we call her) keeps on going. She loves curling up with her big brother and staying warm  against his side. She certainly would win the Olympic gold medal in cuddling. Tia and I are deeply thankful that Old Dog Haven has given her extra time to be just a loving dog.

Update:  Towards the end, Tia began to have more symptoms than what the meds could control. How amazingly strong she was until the only thing we could do for her was to love and cuddle our sweet baby doll. She came in as a lion and went out as a lamb. We miss her dearly.