Meet Tippy, a sweet Labrador/pointer/something big mix senior!  Tippy found herself left at a shelter in the wintertime when she lost her person and her home at 14 years of age. The shelter reached out to Old Dog Haven for help and this big, ol’ love bug was soon transported to an experienced ODH family who were happy to welcome her home. Her Final Refuge mom tells us, “”We instantly fell in love with her, and knew she was a perfect fit for our family!” She settled in very nicely with the resident dogs, a sweet Weimaraner named Diego, and another lovely Final Refuge senior named Shadow, who looks like Tippy’s “Mini-Me.”

Tippy’s initial vetting showed she has significant arthritis, so thanks to your support of ODH she is on all the meds and supplements she needs to feel better and stay mobile. Her people are also keeping a close eye on her blood work, as we do with all our senior dogs in order to detect any changes that we might not see otherwise. Once Tippy started feeling better and settled into a routine, her personality began to shine. Her forever people tell us, “Tippy is a riot! She makes us laugh every single day. She’s got a big personality to match her big frame. Her favorite activities are sharing chew toys with resident dog Diego, throwing toys in the air to herself, sleeping in really weird positions, and farting audibly.” Hoo hoo! Tippy is also creature of habit: “Don’t even think about sitting in her spot on the couch at her bedtime, even if it has the best view of the TV. If you are in her spot, she will use her big booming bark right in your face until you move to a different spot. It’s hysterical!”

Tippy is thriving. She is her ODH family’s sixth FR pup, and the first time they have had two ODH dogs at the same time: “We are so honored and privileged to share our home with these sweet souls for the rest of their lives.” Friends, thank you for helping ODH bring Tippy home!

Tippy and her Mini-Me, Shadow

Diego & Tippy, couch surfers