Pretty Tippy is a sweetheart, owner surrendered to a shelter for euthanasia. Staff at the shelter was told “She’s almost 16 years old and she’s going blind”. While she may be 16 years old now, she can see! Tippy needed care for her eyes that were very dry and infected. She has seen an animal ophthalmologist as well as a cardiologist for an unusual heart condition. Tippy will need medication for her heart and prescription eye drops for the rest of her life. Her skin and coat is much more healthy than it was when she arrived at her ODH home.

Tippy receives weekly medicated baths and she’s put on some much needed weight now that she’s eating a healthy diet. As one would assume for a 16 year old dog, Tippy is arthritic but she loves getting out for walks and she trots happily after her foster dad who she’s decided is her favorite person. She gets along great with the other dogs in her ODH home; she’s a really wonderful dog who is happy, loved and appreciated.

Update:  After a wonderful time in her forever ODH home, sweet Tippy’s health failed and with much sadness her foster Mom and Dad had to say goodbye.  She will always be remembered.