ODH Home Found :    Neutered male toy poodle, 10#, 16 years old on 7/1.    This very nice little dog lost his longtime owner and has been living with family who really can’t care for him.    He is being treated for heart disease (diuretics) so needs potty breaks about every 2 hours and early in the morning – he’s very good about using a dogdoor so really needs that flexibility to avoid accidents/waking you up.   He’s good with dogs and kids of any age, very good on leash, very quiet and wellmannered.   His hearing is of course limited; his vision is poor in the dark as with nearly all old dogs.    His family says he’s very easy-going, flexible and easy to care for as long as there is a dogdoor – please let us know if you could provide that final home.

Help Toy Poodle Boy – ODH Home Found

Please contact Old Dog Haven for information about Toy Poodle Boy – ODH Home Found, or find out more information about being an ODH Foster home.