Meet Trigger, a 95 pound Labrador Retriever who is almost 11 years old. While he has never lived with another dog before, he likes small dogs. The belief is that Trigger would be able to live in a home with a small dog. As with any introduction and integration, Trigger will need time to settle in and adapt to a new home life, and perhaps, a new furry companion? Currently Trigger attends doggy day camp while his humans are at work because he does not like to be left alone. We are told Trigger does well with kind, respectful children. He has not been observed around cats.

At this time Trigger can manage quite a while before needing a potty break. He enjoys 30 minute walks twice a day. While on leash Trigger can get overly excited when meeting another dog. Because of this, his adopter needs to be able to manage his size and strength. Ideally his new person could work on his leash skills to make walks more relaxing.

Trigger appears to have some arthritis; understandable at his age. We hope his adopters will address that and give him something to ease that bother. Reportedly he can manage stairs at this time but it’d be nice if he didn’t have too many to take on a daily basis. While he is a senior, his people tell us he has lots of energy! Trigger would benefit from time out in a fenced yard with space to sniff around and play.

Staying home completely alone is very hard on Trigger. He has anxiety about it and he will be vocal about his displeasure. Because of this, apartment living or a home with neighbors who may complain about barking will not work for Trigger. We are told Trigger is a well behaved passenger for a car ride. He is quite content and happy to come along for a drive.

If you are a fan of shiny, big black dogs with soulful eyes, Trigger just may be your boy!

Trigger is located in Vancouver, WA. For contact information please email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation. 

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