“Hi, I’m Tucker. I never thought I’d be in this spot but I’m looking for a new home. My people can no longer care for me. We have aged together but I’m a young senior dog and I’m usually pretty calm but I’m still too much for them to handle now.

“I was brought home as a wee puppy about 11 years ago. There was another dog here at the time, a little one. I can’t recall how long she stayed but we did fine together until she passed away. Since then, I’ve not lived with any other dogs. My people haven’t gotten me out over the years to meet new dogs so when I see another dog, I get excited. Maybe with proper introductions to friendly dogs, I would be OK to live with another dog? I need someone to show me how. I’ve not ever been around cats before but I like to chase squirrels and such so I bet I’d try to chase a cat! I’ve been very good around my people’s grandkids when they treat me nicely.

“My people love me, very much, so much so that I’m a little portly. Currently I weigh about 40 pounds. It’d be in my best interest to have a home with people who will help me lose weight through diet and gentle exercise. I can be a little strong on leash, I don’t have good leash manners. I’ve heard a Gentle Leader harness can help with that.

“I spend my days at home with my people. I’m used to that as that’s how it’s always been but I can stay by myself if I have to. During the day I need to potty about every 5 hours; at night I can hold it longer. It’s been a couple of years since I last saw a veterinarian. My new people should be able to afford to do that for me. As we dogs age, we need regular check ups-just like humans do.

“People say I’m handsome and loving, a real “people dog”. I don’t bark too much or often, I can do stairs if needed. I’ll give you my paw so you can give me a treat. I’m a real good boy!

“My man has something called “Alzheimer’s”. My lady takes care of him and me and it’s sad to see her stressed about us. If I can find a new home soon, it’d be very helpful. I’d like my people to know I have a forever home with people who can see me until my end. I don’t want them to have to worry about me anymore.

“If you are in need of a new friend, I’m ready and willing. I’m waiting in Mt. Vernon, WA.”

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.