“Hi I’m Tucker! I am a 12 year old mixed breed boy who weighs somewhere between 35-40 pounds. Up until a year ago I had a brother I lived with, we were litter mates. Sadly he passed away so now I am alone and I am in need of a new home very soon. I can be a little apprehensive when meeting new dogs but with proper introductions, I am good. A home with another dog like myself, older, who would like companionship, could be very nice. I have lived with cats but I’ve not been exposed much to kids. If you have older kids, maybe 10 and over, that may be alright with me as long as they are gentle and don’t want to scare me.

“I have been fine staying alone in my home when my person leaves. Of course I’d rather have company but if you must go I will be OK-once I get settled into my new home. I have had the same home all of my life so I will need time to learn you are my new person and you will be coming back.  I will bark when I hear strange noises. That could mean I could bark more in a new place, so if you have neighbors who won’t tolerate a dog’s barking every so often, I wouldn’t be a good dog for you.

“Don’t let my age fool you; I am still energetic for my age. I’m not hyper, just active when it’s appropriate. I am excellent on a leash and while I don’t get out for many walks now, perhaps in my new home, I’d be able to get out daily? Walking is SO good for dogs and for humans! I can do stairs fine and because I am on the “smaller” size, you could carry me if you needed to.

“My person has not been able to get me to a vet in a while. I will need an adopter who can afford to take me to the vet, get me up to date on vaccines and keep up on my yearly check ups. As a senior dog, it’s recommended that at least once a year, we receive a full exam with blood work, urinalysis and check out our teeth and eyes. With all of this done for us, our quality of life is so much better!

“I love treats and make a cute moaning sound when I’m excited to see you. I would really love a home where I get to cuddle with my person. Perhaps I’d get to share the bed with them? I am really a sweet boy who will follow my person around if given the chance. I have so much love to offer, I hope to find a true forever home now and soon, one where I’ll get to stay for the rest of my days.”

Tucker is located in Kent, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.