Tulip was a gentle, easy going girl who was so beautiful. How a wonderful dog like her ended up in a large shelter, deemed “unadoptable”, we will never know.

Tulip was blind and she had chronic G.I. issues. Up until the last year of her life, she enjoyed going for walks and when the sun was out, you could always find her basking in it. Her very favorite thing to do was to cuddle with her best friend, another Old Dog Haven chihuahua named Chiquita. The pair shared the couch, or various beds around their foster home, cuddling up under many blankets. They were a sweet, adorable pair.

Tulip’s fosters are grateful that because of Old Dog Haven and their supporters, Tulip’s last years were spent in their home with care and love. Tulip was such a loving girl, her family really misses her.